Fifth Generation

The Pilson farm has currently been around for five generations. Lee Alexander Pilson was my grandpa and a third generation farmer when he began his farming career. My grandfather, great-grandfather and great great-grandfather were all farmers. They all depending solely on the farm for providing for their families and during those times that was all you could hope for. Lee Alexander Pilson, my grandpa, fathered six children with my grandma Sybil. Of the six one decided to follow in his father's foot steps, Chester Vince Pilson, my father. Chester is a fourth generation farmer. He molded the farm into a true business. Like the three generation's before him he has depended on the farm to provide for his family as well. My father, Chester, and mother, Kathy, have two children; Myself and sister Charlene. I have chosen the career path of my father. My father has laid the perfect foundation for me to continue the family heritage. My father made his name from Sweet Potatoes and Tobacco, I am taking over the farming operation and no longer grow Tobacco, only Sweet Potatoes and Produce.  

-Cliff Pilson, Fifth Generation Farmer

Farming's in our blood

Pictured above is Cliff Pilson in the lap of his father Chester Pilson as they plow tobacco in the early 90's. Cliff had to go home early that day because his mom, Kathy wouldn't allow him to work too hard yet.